Shipping Containers

For our online we are currently limited to the following product sizes: 4L plastic jugs, 20L plastic round buckets, and 20L plastic tight heads, as pictured on the product pages.  We will be adding 200L Steel Drums and 1,000L IBC Totes as soon as possible. 

Please note that we charge a handling fee on each individual container shipped.

When receiving 200L Drums and 1,000L totes a forklift or loading dock is always required upon delivery due their weight.  If you do not have a forklift or loading dock at your receiving location, then be sure to specify liftgate service for your order.

Please contact us at for quotations for orders over 180L in volume, orders with special shipping considerations, or other specific questions.

Tariff and Customs Information

 All Engineered Fluids products are manufactured at our facility in Tyler, TX USA using USA sourced raw materials.

None of our products are export controlled by the United States, nor are they subject to any hazardous materials shipping requirements. 

The Harmonized Tariff Code System (HTS) used for import and export of our products can be different for each country or free trade agreement so please cross reference your HTS code locally to determine any import duties if applicable..

The recommended Harmonized Tariff Code System Numbers (HTS) for our products based on country are as follows:

USA HTS: 2710.19.45.45 / "Insulating oils" - AmpCool / BitCool / ElectroCool / VoltCool / DS-100 

EU  HTS: 2710.19.29.00 / "Insulating oils" - AmpCool / BitCool / ElectroCool / VoltCool / DS-100 

For Schedule B# use the first 6 digits of the HTS #.

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