Engineered Fluids provides special discounted pricing for customers that require product samples for internal product development, certification and testing.   

Lab Samples are generally restricted to no more than 40L per product type, per customer.  However, if you are integrating our Coolants into a product and your solution requires a larger volume of Coolant, please describe your product and sample requirements in your request for quotation, as described below.  Our team will review your requirements and do our best to accommodate your needs. 

Lab Sample pricing is only available for the following products and may be requested by clicking the name of the product from the list below, and completing the quotation request form. 

Be sure to indicate on the quote request form that you wish to receive a quotation for a Lab Sample.  

ElectroCool EC-100, EC-110, EC-120, EC-130 and EC-140

AmpCool AC-100, AC-150, AC-200 and AC-250

Please note: All products designated as "Lab Sample" on the container, quotation or invoice are supplied by Engineered Fluids on an "as-is basis" with no warranty coverage or support, and such samples are not authorized for use in commercial systems or resale.

Engineered Fluids reserves the right to not supply lab samples or to limit the volume and/or products to end-users.

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