Engineered Fluids invite Educators, Students, and Researchers to help us make the world a better place by exploring the many diverse applications of Single-phase Liquid Immersion Cooling

Engineered Fluids' Single-phase, Liquid Immersion Coolants represent a tremendous opportunity for changing the world for the better.  By enabling a simple, cost effective method of removing, managing, and re-using waste heat from electronics without wasting energy on active cooling, eliminating the use of water in evaporative cooling, and reducing the necessary footprint of cooling infrastructures we can protect our environment by substantially reducing the use of electrical power and stopping the development of data centers and similar facilities in environmentally sensitive locations looking to leverage cold air cooling.  To help further research into the many applications where SLIC can be applied, we have created a program to specifically provide product samples to students, educators, and research institutions seeking to develop new and innovative applications for our SLIC coolants.


Engineered Fluids’ Research and Educational Sample and Sponsorship Program

Under this program, Engineered Fluids provides free of charge and with full support four liters samples of our AmpCool, ElectroCool, and Dielectric Solvent DS-100 products for use by Educational, University, and Research Institutions' use in sponsored research and educational projects that include development of innovative immersive cooling applications and solutions.  In addition, we will also consider providing financial support for innovative and unique projects we find especially compelling.

To apply for educational samples or sponsorship please click here for instructions in how to apply, or email us at

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